Mystery : Recorded sound file cant be heard

I just started guitar recordings with Audacity. It is the latest version. I run it in Win 7.

Well, the problem I am experiencing is just unbelievable. I successfully recorded two tracks of guitar playing in one file. I exported it as *.waw and *.mp3. When I play these files with Windows Media Player, Winamp, Gomplayer, I hear nothing. The weird thing is that windows speaker shows readings of sound flowing, the green bar is moving up and down.

So, I put these recorded sound files on another computer, play them with Windows Media Player, no problem. I hear what I recorded.

And, my computer plays everything else no problem with the sound, but these 2 files.

What would be your solution to this mystery?


It is the latest version.

What is the three-digit number of his version? Did you get it from here?

Missing a piece. What’s between your guitar and the computer? Live microphone? Soundcard? USB interface?


If you’re recording with a USB device, see:

Dear Steve and Kozikowski. Thanks for your replies.

I adjusted my configuration as suggested under Why does playback go quiet when I record or adjust the recording volume?, which seemed maybe to be the explanation for my situation here. But unfortunately it isnt.

Let me explain what I do in detail. Version Audacity 2.1.2 (Downloaded from ) .

0 - I plug MAUDIO MTRACK 2X2 via usb cable to my computer.
1 - USB or Direct option on the MAudio Panel, I choose USB. (I tried direct, no difference)
2 - I plug in via first line the mic, via the second line the acoustic guitar.
3 - I choose Windows WASAPI as audio host (already tried MME and windows direct sound, no help)
4 - I choose Line 1/2 MAudio MTrack 2x2 as recording device.
5 - I choose recording channels as 2 (Stereo) recording channels.
6 - I choose playback device as Speakers High Definition Audio (I dont have any speakers plugged in the MAudio device, so I hear what I record on my computers speakers) 7 - I check recording level, both left and right channel bars are responding, and especially guitars channel (R) hits red color when I strum the guitar because I set the level of second line(acoustic guitar) high.
8 - Make the recording, export it as *.wav types and *.mp3

And guess what happens. I played the wav/mp3 file on my computer, the first time I heard nothing. Today I tried again and the same steps above, and this time I can barely here what I just recorded. When I play the same file on another computer, I here a rich guitar sound recorded well. Of course, the volume level of my computer is fine, and when I play something else, I here it very well.

This is my strange case. :slight_smile:

So, import the exported WAV or MP3 back into Audacity. Can you hear it?


This is a 40 second stereo sound test clip.

Download it and play it in Audacity on your machine.

Are segments 1 and 2 clean? Do they have echo or leakage problems? Is the third one a little louder than the first two? What happens to the fourth?