Mysterious interuptions on recording

Recording from a good tape deck, using my new USB Behringer U-Phono UFO 202 with an old Dell Laptop with XP, I get in the end result random interuptions, not often, that are similar to “Clicks” but does not show up in Audacity tracks as Clicks. I have listened to the tape by itself and can not hear any of these sounds. I attempted to use Click Removal anyway and if anything, it made it worse. Noise Removal does nothing. I swapped out Tape Decks with same results. I have considered that electrical line noise might be a factor as my air conditioning is running often in this heat. I also wonder about static electicity–perhaps rigging a ground wire from tape deck to my U-Phono device. Note: I have used the U-Phono on my newer Desktop and have not noticed these interuptions( my Laptop is going to be used in Florida in the winter.) I used audacity 2.01.
Any Ideas?

You may be getting a few short “skips” in the recording, in which case there are a number of things here that you could check:

We seem to have missed one in that list. Don’t go through a USB hub with anything else. It’s perfectly valid to put a wall-powered USB hub in line with a microphone or other USB device in order to extend its working distance. Each USB cable is now able to go full distance, effectively doubling the cable length.

Put a keyboard or mouse in the same hub and the show will go directly into the mud with data errors.