My whole file gets corrupted

Ok so I really need help here. This is what happens. I put a song together with Vocals, guitar, drums inserted from ableton live 8, and I save it a lot cause im always making changes.

So then it says audacity has stopped working, and my file turns into like a white piece of paper and will not open. (You know like the little audacity sign isn’t there anymore its corrupted and turns into that little white page thing).

I don’t think im going to use audacity anymore because of this. Also for no reason, it says it has orphan blocks and cannot find the files to the project. (I never move anything I leave all my music files Alone). Why does this happen? I don’t feel safe making music on this anymore.

I save it a lot cause im always making changes.

We recommend saving changes under new filenames. If all you do is continuously save “MyMusic” with no name change, then you only have one Project. If anything happens to the computer and that Project will not open, that may be the end of the show.

I use the date and time in ISO form (Audacity hates slash marks).

MyMusic-2013-08-23-2327. That’s almost 11:30pm. I wouldn’t use any punctuation except dash and underscore.

So if the 11:27 PM show goes belly-up, open the 11:18 PM show and try to remember the changes you made between them. I’m not the recovery expert. We’ll have to wait for the other elves.