my voice


NOT SURE IF I AM POSTING IN THE RIGHT PLACE HERE. Anyhow, here goes, hope someone can help !

Now, i’m sure that when i did my recordingss prior to getting my new pc with vista installed, that as i was recording my tracks using a headset microphone, i could hear my own voice as i was recording it - this was without using the “preferences…software playthrough” option. (theres a delay and it drives me nuts)

Anyway - i am presuming that its a soundcard setup problem ! - but how can i put thisa right !

Thank you


PS - Before vista, i could also hear myself talking via the headphone speakers even without audacity loaded up !

You’ll have to set up your soundcard to monitor the input. I have never used Vista, but the first thing to do (from what I hear) is to update the soundcard drivers. Apparently the default drivers are crap.

After that, you’ll have to look in the Control Panel. The Wiki has some info here:

You’ll need to turn the output volume up (not recording volume) for the Line In and Mic In. This is confusing in XP, I can only guess how obfuscated Microsoft has made it this time around.