My voice recording starts to jitter half way through the tra

I am not sure if anyone can help? I have used Audacity for the first time to create my podcast. The first 20 mins are fine but then the track jitters until 30 secs before the end at 41mins. Can this be repaired in anyway or do I need to re-record. Many thanks

What you’re intended to do is produce the podcast in short controlled segments and then push the segments together into a finished, polished show for presentation. This helps with those gaps, sneezes, phone calls, dogs barking and other interruptions that you probably have now. Edit them out.

We should figure out why your show fell apart. Can you post a segment on the forum with a couple of seconds before and after the sound distorts? Alternately, if you posted it somewhere already, point us to it.

We’re going to immediately wonder about how you have your microphone connected, what kind, and how full your hard drive is. All can contribute to distortion and sound breakup.

No, we probably can’t fix that


Thanks for the reply, the hard drive is quite empty as I am using a new one soley for podcasting. The mic is connected via the usb port its a U600 USB powered condenser microphone. Here is a clip as requested and thanks again.
issue file.aup (1.39 KB)

The .aup file is only a text file linking to the audio data in the project.

Please File > Export a WAV file a few seconds long that has the jitter symptoms and attach that (the file can not be larger than 1 MB). If you need to upload a larger file, please use or then give us the web address where we can download the file.

Use a spare USB port for the mic, not a USB hub. Turn off other programs you don’t need while recording. See all the tips here: . It may be a process of elimination.


here is the wave upload as requested. Thanks

Thanks. I think there is nothing unexpected there to change the diagnosis. You’ll need to work through .