My version Look Different

I’m on a MAC. V.3.4.2 didn’t have the bar on the top so that I cannot export my file. Got 3.5.1 (note that the version is not on the bottom as before) but still no bar on the top so cannot export. Please help. Thanks.

On a Mac there is no menu bar on the app (any app) - rather the currently active app has its menu bar at the top of the screen.

So just click in the Audacity window to make Audacity the active app and then you should see the Audacity menu bar at the top of your Mac’s screen.


Thank you for your help. It was right in front of my eyes!

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One more question: Version 3.4.2 had this displayed. The new one V.3.5.1 does not. Where would I find the version number?
Thank you.

Found it on the tool bar.
Works great.

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