My setup and advice on recording electric gutiar

Hey i have been using audacity for about 8 months now. I play the electric, bass, drums and i sing a bit. I like making my own music/songs.
Currently this is my setup.

My gutiar

plugged into my


then the line out from my amp to

the back of my computer, into the BLUE line in jack

and i use audcity to record it.

So yea thats how i record my gutiar.
Now my question is this how everyone else records the gutiar?
The sound quality isn’t the greatest. Is there any way to get the sound quality of the gutiar to record better?
Any advice?? Maybe i need to by another piece of equipment?
Sorry but i dont have much experience.

Hey, nice pictures mark.
I would have expected that set up to work really well so long as you avoid overloading the sound card. I have a friend that has done a lot of recording of his electric guitar DI’d through a Line 6 Pod, and it sounds remarkably good. Most folk tend to go for using a microphone where possible rather than DI, but this requires a reasonably decent microphone and a mixing desk or microphone pre-amp and of course, a good guitar sound to record.

<<<The sound quality isn’t the greatest. Is there any way to get the sound quality of the gutiar to record better?>>>

Is it possible that the guitar amplifier is adding boost and fuzz and other special effects so you can hear it, but is not delivering the special effects sound to the computer? The computer gets the Line-Out from the amplifier which is clear guitar?

Or does the capture performance sound buzzy and harsh even though you’re not playing it that way?

Get us in the ballpark. Can you post a little bit of a performance that you don’t think sounds very good?


well the problem is that the distortion was just to much and i tried to turn down voume and it was still the same.
And there was lots of static when i recorded.

Well my friend suggested that i buy a toneport

And i hooked it up and everything, and its exactly what i was looking for.
thanks for the help everyone