My sequence is out of time

If any of you are Rush fans then you’ve heard ‘vital signs’ from the Moving Pictures album. I cut out a clear section of the synth sequence and I’m trying to add it to my cover version of the song but the sequence goes out of time with the song by the 4th or 5th loop. Is there a way to synch the loop with my recorded parts? Thanks!

You may have it backwards. You produce the loop and then sing to it. I don’t think Audacity has any tools to sync in post production.

If you want to try manually producing sync, you can use Effect > Change Tempo, Effect > Change Speed, and Effect > Change Pitch. All you’re really doing is very slightly extending and contracting the track so it matches your existing work. It hits sync by accident.


Thanks for the quick reply! I’ll give that a shot. I really didn’t have a choice, I had to do it that way. Long story. Hahahaha