My recording starts to 'stall', can't keep up, misses bits?

I record the Sunday morning service, to later edit onto a CD and the internet. To start with it’s fine. But after a while (20 minutes say) I can see that the recording waveform pattern is starting to sort of ‘stall’, pausing, not showing the waveforms of the ongoing sound input - then a chunk of waveforms appear all at once - but it happens again and again, as if it’s struggling to keep up. This is while the sermon is being given - just one man talking.

And on top of this, when I went to ‘save’ the recording, both last week and this, a warning notice has appeared, saying that recorded audio was lost at the labelled locations.

This recently acquired second-hand, refurbished laptop Fujitsu Notepad, is only used to record the service. Nothing else is going on in the background. Any ideas and help very much appreciated.

Just seen that when I last posted, I was on Windows 8. But now I’m on Windows 10. 2.3.3.

To start with it’s fine. But after a while (20 minutes say) I can see that the recording waveform pattern is starting to sort of ‘stall’

Get that accurate number. That can be part of the diagnosis. 22 minutes, just after the Agnus Dei

The good-ish news is you know how to make it fail. The really fun ones are what the developers call “moon-phase” problems. It only fails on Thursday—during a full moon.

Start changing things. How full is the hard drive? Audio and Video production uses all the memory in a machine. There are memory checkers that allow you to check what used to be called “high memory.”

Is there a Windows version of Activity Monitor, where the system gives you a screen with everything running and the percentage of work? That’s how I found an Adobe Administration App taking up 80% of my machine.

Disconnect the network. A constant need to check the connection takes up time.

Disconnect the network and shut down the Virus software temporarily. Sometimes Viru-Check (example) will get it in its craw to check each and every sound going to the hard drive.

The really bad news is Audacity is not supported under Windows 10, so technically, this isn’t supposed to work at all.

I think there are postings for this. Looking…


Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 7.55.15.png
More as I find it.


Nothing to your specific problem, but be able to tell us how large the drive is and how much room you have. Also, there is a way to manually defragment the drive. Fragmentation is when Windows can’t find one continuous chunk of drive to save the work, so it splits the work up and shoves it wherever it can find room. You can only do that just so long before the system slows down.

If you have a Solid-State Drive, this doesn’t count, but if you have an older spinning-metal drive, that can be a problem.

Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 8.02.45.png

Your problem isn’t strictly “skipping.” Your signature is “something fills up.”


older spinning-metal drive

Can you hear it clicking and clunking as the machine works or as it starts? Solid State Drives don’t make any noise.


Yes, the screenshot describing skipping fits the bill - as I watch the visual wave display, I can see that it is ‘struggling’ to keep up with the input, sometimes just lagging a little, but sometimes it’s ten words, say, having been said and ‘hanging’, waiting to appear as ‘received and stored’ on screen.

I’m working through your suggestions:

  • no problems found with the memory diagnostic tool
  • defrag. is at 1% … And it says drives are being optimised automatically weekly. But I have asked it to do a defrag. anyway, which it’s now doing.
  • will switch off wifi next time I record …
  • storage says 67.2 GB used with 864 GB free … so I purged the recycle bin and removed a few installations from previous owner, and now 53.6 GB used
  • windows task manager says when wifi disconnected, and laptop not doing anything but task manager - 1% CPU, 51% memory, 0% disk, 0% network.
    or with wifi connected - 1%, 52%, 0%, 0% - this is at my house, not active on Audacity in church.
  • I can certainly see that the Avast antivirus package is taking up a lot of the memory

There is no clunking or clicking.

Thank you so much. Will see what happens, and let you know if anything changes/improves.

Problem ‘cured’ - now Audacity is recording perfectly!!!

Think the big ‘defragmentation’ that took through the night to do, was big factor.

I also switched off internet connection while making the recording.

Very many thanks.