My Recording keeps skipping when I listen back

I record my dj mixes through audacity. When I save the file and then listen back, there are a number of incidences where the record skips for no reason at all. There were no skips when I was mixing but listening back through the recording there are numerous. I have looked at the mixes waveform in audacity to see if there are any breaks but I can’t find any. Any suggestions?

If it happens at the same place every time you play back, it’s a recording problem and it’s probably [u]dropouts[/u]. You may have to zoom-in to see the glitch and sometimes it’s easier to “find” the defect with the [u]spectral view[/u].

Dropouts are usually caused by “something else” interrupting you computer, but sometimes increasing the [u]buffer length[/u] will help.