My recording is too fast

I am on Windows 10, 2.1.0.exe

After I record and play it back the recording is much faster than the speed I am talking at. I looked online to try and solve this problem but could not find any help. I did turn down the recording volume to 0.50 because there was some crackling. There is still a little crackling. Can you help please?


Can you give us an idea of how much faster? …maybe record exactly 1 minute of music and time how long it takes to play back.

If you are playing the file in Audacity there is a [u]playback speed control[/u]. (That’s just temporary playback speed… It won’t affect anything that you export and play in Windows Media Player, etc.)

…It could be something else but let’s start with that.

(Changing the volume won’t affect speed.)

Also, please tell us exactly what you’re recording using exactly what equipment (makes and model numbers are good). Tell us how that equipment connects to the computer.

Also see this FAQ:

Note that the current version is 2.1.2: