My recording is fine until I put another sound.

Hello, I’ve been scratching my head over this issue I’ve had ever since downloading Audacity,

Whenever I start recording with any other sounds, (ex: youtube, vlc, flash games from websites) I have to put my mouth really close to the mic to get sound and it gets really buggy static and glitchey. (This is with the basic settings)

But when I record without any other applications producing sounds it sounds perfectly fine for the quality of my laptop.

Is there any way I can fix this? And thank you.

Doesn’t sound like music to me. :confused:

wooooooooooooops idk how that happened :astonished:

This file is the one who has the mic working and no other sounds coming from the computer, my apologies.

Check the settings of all recording and playback devices in the Windows Sounds control panel, and ensure that they are all set to a sample rate of 44100 Hz.

Windows “should” be able to handle multiple different sample rates, but sometimes it can’t, which can cause weird speed and glitching problems.

Um, I can do that for my speakers, but for my mic and stereo mix, for some reason they’re greyed out.

I’ve tried snooping around in google to fix it and tried the restart the computer and uncheck the Allow Applications do the work square, but it didn’t work.

These are my only playback devices if I don’t count bluetooth.
stereo mix greyed out.png
speaker not greyed out.png
mic greyed out.png

Microsoft appear to think it’s a good idea to make it more difficult for users to set the sample rate. Perhaps this article will help: