My recording imput from a Yamaha cassette is off the charts

When i record from my cassette player to Audacity, the imput level is maxed out and the sound is distorted. I put the imput meter to .1 and still it is off the scale. I have tried to change my volume on my control panel, but it just reduced the imput from a singing voice, but the overeall levels remain high. I am at a loss with this problem. Another cassette recorder did not do this, but had more bass than I wanted. Is there something with the gain that I can adjust? and how do i do that if that would help. Thanks for the help.


This almost always happens when you use a Windows laptop computer. The only audio input a lot of them have is for a single microphone, not a stereo show. Unfortunately, the Line-Out from your cassette machine (like mine) is some 1000 times louder than normal sound level for the laptop Mic-In.

Some laptops have a way to switch that one connector between Line-In (high level) and Mic-In (very low level. Consult your instructions.

If you’re on a Mac, this very different because they only have Line-In connections and will plug into a cassette machine just fine, but have no idea what to do with a microphone.