My recording has sounds i want to remove

I’m trying to edit a recording of a choir piece i made, but the recording was made in a small space and you can hear other instruments in the background, and i was wondering if i could remove those other sounds. i don’t know how to.

In a word, no, unless the instruments are on their own in a separate track or channel.

Post a short audio sample of choir and instruments together if you want us to confirm there is nothing you can do.


here you go.

Not really, the frequencies in the drum rattle are too similar to those in the choir.

I would do without the stereo because the right channel has more of the rattle. So use the Track Drop-Down Menu to Split Stereo to Mono then close the lower track using the [X] button.

Use Noise Removal. Select the ambient noise in the first second, get Noise Profile, select all the song, apply moderately strong removal.

Select the rattle before the choir starts, get Noise Profile, select all the song, apply very slight removal, try repeating that slight removal a few times. It may be a bit better, but that’s all.