My recording are very quite

Audacity 2.0.0
windows 7

I am trying to record a person singing to go over a track. I imported the track to audacity and attempted to record voice but it was extremely quite. I opened another project without the imported track and again the recording was extremely quite.
Im using a hama dm-65 microphone, with a 6.5mm to 3.3mm adaptor, plugged into the audio jack of my laptop.
All i need is for my recording to be louder and not drowned out by the volume of the backing track. Any help would me much appreciated, thanks a bunch!

A good recording level to aim for is about half the track height (around -6 dB).

Commercially recorded music is often made to be as loud as possible. This is probably the case with your backing track, but as a “backing” track you won’t want it to be so loud as it will drown out the new vocal track. Use the track “gain” slider to lower the volume of the backing track so that it balanced against the vocal track.