My professor talks too damn slow!

I feel really, really stupid!

I cannot figure out how to make Audacity do anything but the simplest tasks and not always that and cannot figure out how to find the answers to my questions in the manual or wiki.

All I want to do is:

(1) Be able to speed up and slow down the playback speed so I do not fall asleep waiting for the next word to come out of his mouth, and

(2) Be able to jump back 3 or 4 seconds so he will repeat what was said when I do fall asleep.

This must be simple, yet a simple-minded person cannot figure it out.



Lots of options. Here’s some:

Play at Speed (Transcription Toolbar)

Truncate Silence effect:

Timeline Quick Play:


Change Speed effect:
Change Tempo effect:

Thank you very much!

I look forward to investigating the options you gave me.

I was getting the job doing very inefficiently with a lot of frustration using the slider below. I must not have been using it properly. No sane person would use this slider in the way I was using it to get any job done.

Thanks, again!


[Sorry for not including the image of the slider. It is simply too difficult to attach photos on phpBB forum software. Most forum software these days are as easy as clicking on an icon, choosing one or more image files, and clicking on an upload icon. I think PhysicsForums still uses software that first requires you to save your image to your library or an image hosting sight and then insert your image by coding the corresponding “sharing” link. I do not post pictures there either. Regardless, I still appreciate your advice.]

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