My problem

Hello i have had audicty for a little while now (about 2 weeks) i have a microphone that i am trying to use to record a seprate audio file from my other devices that im using. Now i first noticed a problem when i was trying to record from the two devices and i noticed when i was finished that it had recorded the other deviceses audio (effectively rcording it twice) and it did this every time now when i tried to record from my micriphone on its own it wouldnt let me it said there was some kind of error.Now today when itried looking into the issue it let me record my microphone but when i played it back the recording kept getting quiter unntill it was completely silent, all other susbequent recording have been completely silent as well.Now i have check all my conections and looked throught your help pages to make sure i am doing things right and see if there was anything there that could help me, but i was unable to find anything. So any help with this matter would be greatly apprecaited and if you need any other detail i will let you know what i can

What sort of microphone? Built into your laptop? A USB microphone? A conventional microphone plugged into the pink socket of your sound card?..

That sounds like you were recording from the “Stereo Mix” device rather than from the microphone input. Alternatively if the sound was playing through speakers the microphone may be picking up the direct sound of your voice and then picking up the sound coming out through the speakers.

That sounds like you have the Windows sound “Enhancements” enabled. See here for how to disable Windows sound enhancements:
Either that or you have another program running that is interfering with the recording. “Skype” is notorious for this type of problem.

im not sure what kind of mic it is on the box it says SM58-LCE
i have my mic running through an adapter into my mic port on my comp

2,i think you were right but when i tried to switch it back over into just my mic recording when ever i pressed record it would say error with opening something i can remember all the details

3,ok on that time were it did that this happened when i was only using this program after that all other attempts to record nothing happened it didnt regester me at all

i havent tried to use the program since this last event

if theres anythng else please let me know and i will get back to u as soon as possible.

Next time that you try to record, check the Windows recording device settings (see link in previous post and also here: