My post disappeared

Hi I recently posted this in the Windows 1.3.13 Beta forum:

"Hi guys :slight_smile:

I’m trying to make a one-cycle-waveform at a given frequency and duration in samples. Example: A one-cycle sine at 8363Hz(C-5) and 42samples long. Is it possible?.

I appreciate any assistance you can offer :slight_smile:

P.S: I wouldn’t want to edit it manually cause I need to make several waves often, I’d prefer generating it accordingly :sunglasses: .

Edit: I’ve learned that I can fix the pitch issue and the duration from open mod plug tracker itself, but I still need to generate them one-cycle."

and then my post disappeared without a trace. I don’t see anything wrong in my post, so maybe it was an error. If it was wrong, then I suppose I should have been warned or notified about the reason of deletion, assuming this was the case.

I answered you in the other post.

I don’t understand why your original post went unapproved. I approved all your posts – the ones I could find.


That’s ok koz, my posts are back again now. Maybe it was a quirk error of sorts :laughing:

Did you edit your post after it was approved?

If you did then that’s the explanation…

If you edit your approved posts they go back into the moderation queue and need to be approved again.

This happens to prevent spammers from using the technique of posting a valid post and get it approved and then go edit it and add the spam links.

Excuse my late reply, I just wanted to thank you for your information, which describes the cause.