my podcast is cut into 40 sec segments

Friends I searched and had difficulty finding my answer. I just did a podcast with a police officer it’s really interesting. 2 hours long. First time user. I know the program cuts the file into many smaller files is there anyway I can simply put them back together as I am not skilled in computers any help would be appreciated. these files are 30 to 40 seconds long do I have to put them together 1 by 1 that will take for ever thank you so much for your time.

Yes, just open the .aup file that manages all the little segments- see:


Thanks so much I am older and have trouble sometimes with computers. I know it’s a basic question to you guys but to me it means a lot I’ll try it when I get home thanks again I’ll post up the results.

Don’t worry I’m older too :slight_smile:

We all have trouble with computers from time to time :sunglasses:
BTW the reason that Audacity structures its projects that way with the .aup project manager file and short audio segments is purely to facilitate speed of processing.


God bless you man. It worked!!! Happy holidays.

Just to add that if the little AU files really are that long then you have a very low project rate of about 8000 Hz (check bottom left of the Audacity window).

This will make the audio sound dull if there is any music in the podcast.