My Plug-in isn't showing up

Linux Mint 17, Audacity 2.1.2

I have a favorite effect plugin that I often use on Windows that I’d like to use in Audacity on my Linux laptop. I can’t get Audacity to make them available in the Effects dropdown.

The plugin is a Windows-type VST and has a .dll extension. I have placed a copy in /usr/share/audacity/plug-ins , and a copy in ~/.audacity-files/plug-ins

After launching Audacity, the effect isn’t showing up in Effect > Add / Remove Plugins

Windows VSTs only work in Windows.

Thank you. I somehow had it in my head that any VST plugin was a Windows plugin, but supported by Audacity anyway. Didn’t realize there were different flavors of plugins for different OSs. My misunderstanding.

If there is no equivalent LADSPA or LV2 plugin that is suitable you can try installing Wine then run the Windows version of Audacity.


Thank you. Can someone point me to a good “how to put Audacity on a Linux computer using Wine” how-to?

Or a standalone Windows VST host that I can run my files through? I just need to do some preprocessing of some files before loading them into Audacity.

If you name the effect we might be able to find a Linux equivalent.

Support for WINE may be obtained here:

Other solutions such as running a licensed copy of Windows in a Virtual Machine are described here:

You can of course use your favourite search engine if you need more help.