My Mic was not on

Hi! :exclamation:
I am doing podcast recording and i just had an interview with a really important person.
I have done interviews before, however this time I messed up.

My microphone was not on so in the recording you can hear the person I am interviewing fine, but my questions can only be heard from far far away.
I can still make my sound stronger with some tools, BUT how can I change so my voice does not sound soooo far away? Cause how it sounds now is really really bad. :frowning: :blush:

Please help me!!!
Would really appreciate it. <3


really important person.

Re-record your questions in a good environment with a good quality microphone — or at least one that matches the one you would have used had it been on. You can play the existing show into your headphones and talk over yourself a second later. It’s not impossible but it takes a little practice. A noisy environment will be a challenge because you’ll have to recreate or dub the environment sound.

You would be surprised the number of broadcast “casual conversations” are canned like that.

If it’s not worth the bother, then it wasn’t a Really Important Person. If you can’t cut yourself into the show because you’re constantly talking over the guest, then you should probably not interview that way. The first time you do an interview with a 2/3 second satellite link delay you find out what a bad idea interrupting is.

The short answer is we can’t change the character of a voice, particularly if it’s very off-mic and noisy, but you should post an example of the work as a confirmation. Use a very high quality MP3 rather than a WAV so get more content in. Include the hero voice and then your question next to each other. Just posting your voice doesn’t tell us anything. You can’t post very much on the forum.