My mic isn't registering sound waves when recording

Hi! I am a novice at Mac and am learning narration recording w/Audacity. I have an M1 Airbook. My preference input has it set correctly for my AT2020USB+ mic. When I hit record, I just get a flat line with no indication anything is recording. I am taking an online narration course and the teacher isn’t sure what the issue is. I have a screenshot but don’t see an option to upload. Appreciate your advice! Best, Roz

I don’t speak Mac, but …

You may have to give explicit permission for Audacity to access the mic, (a privacy setting) …

AT2020-USB has a mute button, that will silence the mic if it is on.

Ensure the recording level slider in Audacity is not at 0% …

Post back if any of these ideas or suggestions works—or doesn’t.


Thanks all!!! My teacher got back to me and saw the recording level was too low. It’s working now. Really appreciate your engagement on this!!! Warm regards, Roz

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