My mic can pick up my audio but no sound...

It seems that there’s no one who got this problem but here it goes.

I use a built in mic on my laptop and it was working perfectly fine till one day it didn’t. I checked it by going to the control panel and into the sound settings and my mic is picking up my voice.
Then I’m like, “Ok, I probably didn’t set it up correctly???” and I checked and everything is perfectly fine. I was flipping between devices (switching to another device and back) and the issue is still there. My volume is all the way up so I don’t know… ;^;

my mic is picking up my voice.

And you know this because the Windows sound meter is bouncing.

switching to another device and back

We warn people not to post throw-away lines like that. What other device and how is it connected?

Do you use Skype or other chat program?

Do you like to record on-line content such as YouTube or other music or show?

What is your product? Why are you doing that? I can turn out remarkably good quality voice recordings with the built-in microphone just by paying attention to the recording technique and acoustics.