My Macro Adventure

My Macro: (at start and end) Trim Silence, Trim Extend , Export as Wav: seems to work on files OK, but noise floor is at about -72 dB in saved files whereas it was displayed at about -92 dB in the displayed wave.

Audacity adds dither noise to an exported WAV file. This is to work around the data errors of reducing a 32-bit floating Audacity show to a common 16-bit export file.

You don’t have to do that. I believe you can make a 32-floating WAV export with no dither, but then nobody would be able to play it.

Audacity works in 32-floating because it allows Effects, Filters, Conversions, and Corrections without overloading and damage.

For one common example, Audiobook-Mastering-Macro converts your raw audiobook performance to audiobook conforming files. It does it by correcting the loudness of your voice no matter where the waveform peaks go-including clipping. Then it runs a limiter to correct the peaks from wherever they went. That would never work without 32- floating.


Thanks for the tip. I will have to consider my options.

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