My laptop audio device is not working. Need help!

Hi Guys

Since last week, the audio device of my laptop is not working when I use the Zoom and Teams applications. Sometimes it works a little bit and sometimes it doesn’t work at all. I tried to use the application through my smartphone with a headset and it works very well. I even tried to follow some instructions on the internet, but I still couldn’t fix it. Since I have little knowledge of these kinds of problems and want my laptop to do my work-related tasks I am planning to take this laptop to a repair station.

  • I use another headset with it but the problem still occurs.
  • Internet instructions also not working for me or I cannot understand what they are referring to.

My laptop has a Windows 10 operating system and it is an HP laptop (I7), before taking this laptop to the repair station I need to know if there is anything I can do to fix this on my own.

Zoom is known to play around with audio settings - subsequently causing problems for other audio programs including as Audacity. While this “seems” like a hardware problem, you could also check with Zoom. I assume you have tried rebooting, including a power OFF/ON cycle.

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Thank you. Yes I did those.

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