My hard drive may have to be wiped out

I am running Windows 8.1 and Audacity 2.0.5
My hard drive may have to be wiped out or replaced. Is there any way to save my Audacity files? They are important EVP files that cannot be replaced.

There are recovery companies that can take a hard drive and scoop off “what’s left” after the damaged segments are isolated. The companies know how valuable they are.

Google search term:

hard drive recovery


Wait. Is it dead now? Or it’s going to be dead? Or somebody is going to dead it for you?

Mount an external backup drive and search for and copy all your EVP files.

It would be good to know what’s wrong with the computer.


Thank you.

If the drive still works, do as Koz said. A flash drive or data disk will also work. You can also save the Audacity folder from Program Files and the Audacity data folder. I’m not sure where it’s located in Windows 8, Program Data possibly. Make sure you save audacity.cfg. When you reinstall, just replace the newly created Audacity files and folders with the ones you saved and it’ll restore your old configuration settings, plugins, chains, etc.

If the drive is still working. copy the files to another drive while you have the opportunity.

See: Audacity Manual .