My forum post does not appear

I just installed audacity 2.1.2 and registered and activated my account but it seems that when I try to post it is locked, can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong?

Topic split and given a relevant title.

In order to prevent the forum being flooded by spam, posts from new users are placed into a “moderation queue”. One of the forum moderators will then “approve” the post and it will appear on the forum (assuming that you are not selling male enhancing products, fake passports or other spam).

How many posts do you need to make to be taken off this?

It doesn’t exactly encourage posting when things don’t appear until days after you post it.

Obviously we are not going to tell you that.

Also if a user’s posts appear rude and argumentative, that user might remain on moderation permanently even if they were not spamming items for sale.

That does not happen here. A genuine post would usually be approved within 16 hours, and normally it is only a few hours.


You have no posts in the moderation queue.

If someone posts a question and that user’s problem is solved, then we mark the topic [SOLVED] and lock it, preventing further replies. This is so that we don’t get another user replying saying they have the “same problem”. Users usually do not have exactly the same problem and are almost certainly using a different machine, different audio devices and may be on a different operating system. Not allowing a user to post to that locked topic keeps the answer clean and simple for others reading it.

When you have a question, just go to and press the NEW TOPIC button top left to post your question. Tell us what version of Audacity you have. Then we can give you an answer targeted to your actual question and computer/audio devices.


Sorry if I appeared a bit short. I’m in the recovery phase of a nasty bout of 'flu, it wasn’t intentional.

I only asked because a post I thought I’d made days ago was approved today. However, looking at the time stamp, I made the post yesterday! That’s probably the effects of the 'flu too.

No problem.