My First Song With Audacity :))

Plz listen it guyzzz…

Lyrics is also written by me… :slight_smile:
Here is the link -

Is the reverb on your voice one of the Audacity tools?

Congratulations, that came out pretty well didn’t it.
Which parts did you use Audacity for? What else did you use? Did you create the backing track yourself?

A bit of critical feedback that I hope will be helpful:
You’ve got a bit of clipping in a few places, for example at 1:52.5, so you need to be careful with the levels to avoid this. A “soft limiter” may also be helpful for controlling high peaks in the vocal ( Overall, the vocal is possibly a bit too high in the mix. Lowering the vocal level a bit would also solve the clipping problem. I like the timbre of the voice part - what microphone did you use? Did you need to use much (or any) equalization on the vocal part? Also there’s a couple of places where the vocal is a little off-pitch. The best solution to that is “re-takes”, but that may not require re-recording the whole vocal track. For example, the pitch drifts off a little between 2:33.7 and 2:44.7, so you could do a retake of the vocal section 2:31.8 to 2:52.5.

Ya afcourse bro… :slight_smile:

I’ve only use the karaoke nd audacity :slight_smile:)

Oh thank you very much bro for your helpfull review …

I’ve used default mic ( my laptop’s mic ) to record…

That’s very surprising. Your voice has come out much better than I would expect from a laptop mic (certainly very much better than the mic on my budget Acer laptop).

Im using hp’s laptop bro… :slight_smile:

It’s old news for a Mac laptop, I’ve shot voice tracks with mine. But it is a little unusual for Windows.

I’m with them. You had me right up to those off-pitch notes.


This is where you find saving the raw performance files is handy. Trying to take apart a mixed final to fix something is a nightmare.

Not having those raw files is a very New User mistake.


Congrats! That’s really fantastic to have a song composed by yourself. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I downloaded audacity a long time ago to use the equalizer, then forgot I had it until I got a new set of bookshelf speakers for my computer and wanted to listen to my music using the equalizer. when I open a song and hit the effects tab none of the features including the equalizer tab are highlighted, can some one help me get started? I am 66 and live alone and have no one to ask for some help and maybe that’s the problem, but I would like to figure out how to use the equalizer… if someone could also give me a set of instructions including how to save the settings I choose. thank you for your help