My file is not showing on interface

My file I was working on has disappeared from the screen. I was using a previous version, 1.something, I think. =n the right hand side of the screen there is (was something which I never use. It has an X on it for closing, but my work went with it.

I thought that id I installed the new 2.0.5 version, it would be there but obviously, the old version info is telling the new version not to show it.

I have been through every available item in all the menus but cannot find out how to get my work back on screen.

I cannot find any info about it, especially as I don’t know what it is called.

How do I get my work back???’

Try clicking Edit, and if you see Undo Track Remove at the top of the edit menu, click that.

Thanks, DVDdoug.
Unfortunately, before I registered here and posted, I had spent over an hour trying to find out what had happened. As a result, I lost over 4 hours work yes, I know, I should have been saving the work on a regular basis.

Any way, as a result, I lost every thing. I finally found how to get the tracks again, but as, in my messing around, I had deleted everything, that is why I couldn’t find the tracks and my work.

I don’t recall seeing any message whhen I clicked on the “x” on the “tracks” bit of the screen. Perhaps the Audacity groups could look at a pop up message that the work will be lost, before continuing - or, if it is there, a better warning.

What warning would have saved you? If you have a track in 2.0.5, click the top left of the track, then close the project (for example by using the red top right of the window), you will see:

Save changes before closing?

If saved, the project will have no tracks.

It then tells you to use Cancel then Edit > Undo, and then File > Save Project if you want to save the project including the removed track.

Older 1.x versions of Audacity may not have that warning, but you should not have been using such an old version - the warning I describe has been there for years.

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