My feedback on Windows 10 and Audacity

r911513f-2.1.3-alpha-15-mar fixed the error about not finding devices. At first I still couldn’t record, but I could after leaving my PC off overnight.

The bugs and lack of hardware support in 10 mean that I have gone back to 7.

In contrast, I let my Toshiba Satellite laptop PC migrate from W7 to W10 back in September - and it all runs sweetly.

The only compromise taht I had to make was to switch my external USB soundcard (Edirol UA-1EX) from its advanced mode with Edirol drivers to its standard mode with Microsoft’s USB drivers - as the UA-1EX is now obsolete and Edirol/Roland will not be producing updated drivers for it (they told me so when I asked them - and tha’s fair enough).

All else runs fine, including alpha 2.1.3 testing :sunglasses:


I never left Win 7, and have an XE small form-factor Win 7-32 box for contact gigs (it zips in a soft laptop case) and a newer Win 7-64 desktop with i7 and 4.5TB of storage. :laughing:

It’s about to get a 500GB SSD before long. IIRC Win 7 will be supported till year 2020?