my default recording device keeps AUTOMATICALLY changing in

My default recording device keeps AUTOMATICALLY changing itself in Audacity!!! I keep going into the settings and setting it for “Microphone 3-C Media USB Audio Device” which is my USB microphone!!! but Audacity keeps AUTOMATICALLY changing the device to “AVNEX Virtual Audio” which is NO LONGER present on my system and ONLY Audacity sees that device!!! I also have “Screaming Bee Voice Changer” in audacity which IS on my system but it NEVER changes to that by itself!!!

it doesn’t matter how many times I set my default device to “Microphone 3-C Media USB Device”, it lasts only a few days before it AUTOMATICALLY changes to “AVNEX”!!! AVNEX isn’t even listed in device manager on my PC but Audacity keeps changing to that as the default device!!!

After multiple complaints and two formal warnings, justinrpg has been banned from this forum.