My Dad's Funeral Service

Windows 10.
Audacity 2.1.1
exe.installer [I think!]
I don’t know if this is retrievable or not. Attached is a short clip from my Dad’s Funeral Service. Someone set the machinery up incorrectly and although his Service was recorded, the singing & speech is drowned out by a buzzing sound.

I’m not technical enough to fiddle with the sound, but am hoping it can be filtered in some way to take the “buzzing” out?
Thanks all. Paul

Someone wrote a hum filter that might be able to help…a little. That’s a microphone with a broken shield.

I need to look.


I can get “a bit” of improvement using a custom Nyquist script in the Nyquist Prompt effect ( The recording is pretty bad, so the results are not going to be good.
This is what I can get, but the later part of your extract comes out worse:

Unfortunately, once the amount of hum is reduced, it becomes obvious that there is also a lot of other damage to the sound. Perhaps the mic was not plugged in properly, or the mic cable is damaged.

This is the Nyquist script:

(setf hum-base-hz 49.91)

(defun dehum (sig dur)
      (abs-env (pwlv 0 0.07 1 0.1 10 dur 10))
      (dotimes (i 32 sig)
        (setf sig
          (notch2 sig
                  (* (1+ i) hum-base-hz)
                  (* (1+ i) 6))))))

(setf dur (get-duration 1))
      (multichan-expand #'dehum *track* dur)
      800 12 0.5)
    3500 -12 1)

This effect will run quite slowly and I’ve not tested it on long tracks (works OK on a 15 minute track - eventually).
Ensure that you have a backup copy of the original before you do anything.

I got ratty results with multiple notches and Noise Reduction (attached).