My Computer Battery Died and I am Trying to recover the Audio File I was working on


I was editing an episode of my podcast. I was editing for an hour with 20 minutes to go when my computer battery died. When I rebooted the computer a message populated saying my project is still available. When I click to recover it I get an error message. The message says audacity did not recognize the file type, try installing ffmpeg? I tried this and it didn’t work. Is there any way to recover this file?

Is there any way to recover this file?

You should go with “no.” Audacity was designed with the idea that the computer was going to stay working through an entire show. If it doesn’t, the machine is likely to leave trash behind instead of a performance.

Now that it’s up again, you should Shift+Shutdown (not plain Shutdown and Not Restart) and let Windows fix itself. Most machines limp after an emergency shutdown and it’s good to do a deep clean start.

Is this a spoken word podcast? When you get done with the actual performance, File > Export a WAV (Microsoft) 16-bit file as a backup. Right now, you should be opening that perfect quality WAV file to start editing again. Not setting up your microphone.

This is a particularly big deal if you have a guest interview.


That probably means that the “.aup” file is trash.

Ignore that - That error message assumes that you are trying to open an audio file that it can’t understand, when actually you are trying to open a corrupt project file (.aup) that it can’t understand.

Which version of Audacity were you using? (look in “Help menu > About Audacity”)

Had this project been saved at any point? If so, have you tried opening the .aup file with Audacity?