My .aup file can no longer be found

I was recently deleting files from my computer due to a full storage disk that prevented me from using audacity. After realizing I deleted almost 100 songs I created i went back and recovered the files using Recuva. Although the files appear in my folder, they will no longer open in audacity. Please what can i do to fix this as soon as possible?

Were they all Audacity Projects? This is a Project.

You need both the AUP Project Manager text file and the _DATA folder containing the tiny sound snippets to open a show or song. They will have the same name and the name must match the name burned into the AUP file.

What are you missing?

Traditional deletion rescue software recovers some files with damaged filenames. Do you have songs with extra underline characters sprinkled around?


Open up an AUP file in a text editor (do not save anything!) and read it. It will have the original name of the show or song like this…

You won’t have the red box, but that’s the idea.


If none of the AUP files came back, then chances of music recovery are almost zero.

If the music is all stereo, manual recovery may periodically swap left and right stereo at random. If the songs were all edited, that’s the end of the world.

If you have mono music and posted the original capture WAV files, then manual recovery might be possible.

What do you have?