My audio process for ACX

I just put a mic in the left channel of the pre, and assign audacity as mono left channel for voice work.

Right. But when some non-celebrities do that, the system naturally assumes a mono mixdown and reduces the volume of each channel by half to “make room.” That gives you a -6dB clipping point like this.

Here’s one in-the-wild complaint. Note the poster mixed up -6dB with 0.5 track height, but this is the error.

Please note the Operating System seems to have cause the error.

In all cases we recommend very strongly to pay attention to the SIG and PEAK lights on the interface.

There’s some discussion on what exactly is doing this. There are phrases such as: “When the interface clips,” or “When the system reduces the volume.”

In some cases it’s possible to get driver software which prevents this reduction.

One “solution” is go ahead and record assuming -6 is the new 0 and boost it later. This isn’t optimal because you still have noise from both preamps. Also see: Record in stereo at full volume, split to Mono, and delete the dead Right channel later. It’s more work, but it’s quieter.

Then there’s the built-in mic on my MacBook Air. In Mono, it records a mono track full volume and in Stereo it records full volume on both tracks.