My audio is playing loudly but the wave is too shallow to see

My audio is playing correctly, but parts of the wave are too shallow to see. Why is this happening, and is there any way to increase the height of the waves?

I tried making the track much higher, I tried switching to Waveform DB, which helped, but the lowest areas (which don’t sound low at all) are too shallow to see.
The portion highlighted in red above is a sample of good quality audio that is displaying too shallow

For a raw recording, a good peak level is around -6 dB, which is half the track height and is clearly visible.
After making the recording, the track may be amplified to a higher level while working on it.
A good level for exporting a project that has a single audio track, is just a little below 0 dB (I generally normalize to -1 dB prior to export).

The blue waves in Waveform mode will only show you quiet sound down to about -30dB or so. You can get nearly straight lines if you take an expressive breath or pause while you’re performing. That’s why you also need the bouncing sound meter.


I do wonder where you got those waves from. Normal audio performances go up and down.

Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 6.09.01.png

Take another screen capture and show more of the timeline like in my pix.