My Audacity won't record!

I’ve been trying to get it to record for hours.
No luck.
Any suggestions?

Follow these steps, then report back exactly where the problem lies: Tutorial - Your First Recording - Audacity Manual

For yesterday, I have tje same matter. I was recording quietly, then I received a WhatsApp phone call on my windows 10 p.c. Since yesterday, I don’t understand why stereo mix doesn’t work. Stereo mix appear, it’s “on” and default. However the recording is available thru the microphone.

Did you try rebooting after the call?

Also, some people have good luck recording with Host:WASAPI, Recording Device: “Speakers (loopback)”

I’ve never had WhatsApp.

I can reboot, but I just don’t want to lose another project that I’m working on.

Please see this reply: My Audacity won't record! - #2 by jademan

Thanks a lot for your reply. I solved the matter. I turned MME to Windows WASAPI. But you must turn off “mix stereo” within sound parameters.

Audacity (including the newest version) has somewhat of a problem in that it doesn’t always shut down, and the next session will result in a frozen recording “head” evidenced by a red cursor line at time zero. The simple remedy for this is to go to a prior recording session, and “add a track” (I use a stereo track, but mono will probably also work). The program will usually categorically start to work formally. You can then use this instance to make a new session, rename it, and perhaps erase any of the prior session’s material. Anther “bug” more has something to do with Windows (both 10 and 11) which has to do with accumulation of data in the O/S file known as “C:\Users*user name*\AppData\Roaming\audacity\audacity.cfg”.

If your program will not record, go that file and remove it. It will not disable anything; it will only remove some heuristics that will then be replaced with subsequent session. Apparently, there is a buffer limit to the size of this file, and a certain point, it will freeze the program.

My suggestion to developers is to have Audacity interrogate that file and erase it automatically if it exceeds a certain size limit. Undoubtedly, this may affect some users, especially those who are synced across multiple Windows systems.

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