My audacity will not record in mono the track is still doubled?

When I click on mono I’m still getting a doubled vocal and on the rap beat. How do I fix this? Im on windows 10.

Are you overdubbing?

In Audacity, make sure you’re recording from a real thing such as an analog device, mixer or USB microphone. I don’t think you can overdub using cloud or internet music as backing track. Everything has to be local on the machine.

Depending on your microphone, you may not be able to record in mono. Some microphone connections, even though the microphone is a single thing, show up as stereo in Audacity and you may be stuck with that.

I use a single microphone plugged into a stereo sound mixer and faded to the middle. This shows up as equal volume left and right in Audacity and mixes perfectly with a stereo backing track. If you insist on recording a mono track, Audacity may not manage the overdub tracks and sound channels right, which is what it sounds like is happening.