My Audacity stopped catching any background noise

please help me figure this out

my audacity worked perfectly until this evening when I started recording and it looks like it does not catch any background noise , and sounds artificial and as when you use the Noise reduction stuff… awful and I have no idea how to fix it

I have not used Noise Reduction BECAUSE it feels unnatural, so I allow background noise in my recordings… I have not a clue why it broke like this, please help me sort it out

Make sure Windows “enhancements” are turned OFF.

Thank you, I have disabled it, but the problem with audacity remained… :frowning:
edit: it occurs I didn’t disable everything although I thought i did

thank you :slight_smile:

There can be second layer of audio enhancements, sometimes called “MaxxAudio”.

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thank you so much!!!
I have now gone through every possible sound device I could find in the comp system and disabled that enhancement everywhere (not that there were many)

would be able to explain how on earth this enabled itself, while all week (this is a new laptop for me) my recordings were as usual, just yesterday evening it played up like that?

I do switch the laptop off everytime i stop working n it, is it possible that windows uses some automatic, mysterious updates , without the usual notifying?

Is it better not to switch the laptop off every time i finish work, but leave it in the ‘sleep’ or ‘screen off’ mode?

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