My Audacity records but cannot playback ~! -_-

I can’t record in Audacity! I tried importing mp3’s, wav’s anything else but it has no ‘wavelike structures’ in there. T_T When I play it, it has no sound! I played the wav’s and mp3’s (etc) in Windows Media Player… it plays! I only downloaded the .zip file.
:neutral_face: Like It has ‘wavelike structures’ when I record but when I stop recording, it shows nothing and I can’t hear anything! It only shows a line -_-

So that we can help exactly, please look at the pink panel at the top of this page and answer the questions in the first bullet point.

It sounds as if Audacity cannot write to its temporary folder. To correct that, Edit > Preferences… (Edit Menu is top left of Audacity) and choose the “Directories” section. Make sure you choose a built-in drive on your computer that has plenty of space (at least 20 GB is good).

Choose a folder on that drive that you have permission to write to. You should be able to write to any folder in Users/. Press all the OK buttons. Restart Audacity.

If the problem persists, do you have Norton? That wipes the Audacity temporary folder if it has “temp” in its name. If so, turn off Norton’s Windows temporary file cleaner. Write to Norton to ask why their application does that.