My Audacity Recordings


Ive been a huge fan of this software for years, and its my main hobby. Recording in my home studio using Audacity when I have some spare time. Thank you all for this amazing software. I use only a fraction of the functions on Audacity however, but I hope Ive learned something throughout the years about recording. Ill add my latest recording, for some feedback on how it sounds. It was recorded using the Røde NT-USB.

Erick Eck.

That came out well. Did you play all the instruments?


Musically & Technically that’s very good.
I’m nit-picking, but there are a few clicks on “K” & “G” sounds.
They can be fixed with Audacity’s spectral edit tools

Thanks. Glad you let me know what isnt good, thats why I brought it up in the first place. Yes I realize I did come too close to the mic in the beginning of the song, but I let it pass. I play several instruments, but this particular backing track was created using Band in a Box. Also very good software. I just added chords and created a suitable arrangement for the song.

Here`s another, here I sing and play piano. Never did that before, I hate accompanying myself…

I loved them both! Very soothing and great vocals! Im a newbie and perhaps constructive feedback would be more useful to you but I really enjoyed your tracks.