My audacity recording crashed, later it went permanently silent

Project check detected 7 missing audio data blockfile[s] (.au), probably due to a bug, system crash or accidental deletion. There is no way for Audacity to recover this lost data automatically; you may choose to permanently fill in silence for the missing data, temporarily fill in silence for this session only, or closee the project now and try to restore the missing data by hand

Please select an action

  • Replace missing data with silence [permanent immediately]
    *Temporarily replace missing data with silence [this session only]
    *Close project immediately with no further changes
    In this case, I have lost an entire chapter in my book. I have gotten this warning message before. If I click on Options 1 or 2, the recording is essentially ruined, as it just huge blocks of silence with short segments of my recording patched in. The third option just closes the program and saves nothing.

Like I said, I have gotten this message before, and have never been able to recover my recording back. I have always ended up having to re-record. It is very frustrating.

is there a way for me to recover my data?
Currently the track is silent as i had to press permanently silent

If anybody has an idea out there, I would appreciate any help. Thanks