My audacity randomly cuts out to what noise when recording

when i record audio it sounds fine at first but sometimes when i replay it there are sections where it just cuts out and theres just white noise. to make it worse these random moments of white noise also show up when exporting -_- how do i fix it pls

how do you play back the recording: in Audacity or after export in another player?
What is different between the “at first” playback the later ones, when you notice the cuts?
If in Audacity: How does the waveform look in the problematic sections?
If you replay in Audacity a track that you just recorded, and the cuts happen at random locations, while the waveform is OK, then the problem can only be in your playback chain/equipment.
If the waveform is affected please post a screenshot of your waveform.
Have you ever recorded and exported without problems? Which version of Audacity are you useing? Did you recently update?