My 2 cents about podcast editing with audacity

Hello, I’m Daniel, I’ve been using audacity for podcast editing as hobby and professionaly for around ten years. I recently downloaded the version 3.1.3 (and I was using the 2.1.3 before) and I noticed that many things that get in the way of my workflow still haven’t changed for the better. Here I tell you “what could make Audacity very better” to my workflow editing podcasts.

  • New audio tracks could enter automatic in another color, and a lot more colors could be used. Just two or three times I used 4 or less tracks. Look the paintbrush, you have 16 ideas of base colors without black, white and grey.

  • Pen navigation is impossible, I just want to control zoom holding CTRL + MMB and scroll up and down, I never was look the mouse again.

  • We could assing new shortcuts with RMB over menus or buttons as we do in blender, it’s the most helpful thing to fast personalization

  • This could be the harder one to implement: allow cut and slice parts of track and change track colors during play.

  • CTRL+SHIFT+Z to reDo as standard, not CTRL+Y

  • A lot of better shortcuts to use the left hand on keyboard: it’s personal and I changed all to my use, but if you want to try yourself it’s the list:
    a - Amplify
    x - remove special - split delete
    ctrl+x - delete
    r - noise reduction
    t - truncate silence
    c - compressor
    ctrl + left arrow - fade in
    ctrl + right arrow - fade out
    shift + space - play-at-speed

and of course: ctrl+shift+Z - ReDo

s - remove special - Silence audio
ctrl+s - save project
ctrl+shift+s = save project as
ctrl+shift+e = Export audio