My 1Hr. and 53min Project Is Exporting File @ SHORTER LENGTH

I’ve never had this problem before… First off, I’ve been using Audacity Version 1.3.14 Beta with no problems up until today. I always record my audio projects @ 96,000Hz, 32bit uncompressed. When I try to export into .wav @ 96,000Hz, 32bit uncomprossed, my project is being chopped into a 20.min, 26sec. project. I have no idea what is going on. The .wav file is 4.16GB then. After checking out the forum today, I updated Audacity to the newest version… It didn’t help… Can someone help with this problem!!!

Do you still have the Audacity Project with the whole show? Did you save the Project? I would probably avoid turning the computer off until we solve this.

Microsoft WAV files have two natural limits, one at 2GB and the other at 4GB.

Big shows are a little rough to deal with.


How long is the show? Koz

I actually read another post similar to this topic just a minute ago, and then saved the file using the W64 (SoundFoundry WAVE 64) Header, and it exported fine under the wav. format @ 96,000Hz, 32 bit. The file actually came out bigger @ 4.85GB but it works fine… Hopefully this post will serve as a future reference… Thanks dude who posted this topic before me and got good answered replies back. Thanks reply guy too. =)

Sorry my first post’s data was incorrect the file that was first exported was actually the same size: 4.85GB but it was chopped to 20min. and 26sec.

The original project is 1Hr., 53min., and 41sec. long with preference/recording settings @ 96,000Hz, 32 bit floating (lossless).

As said in my last reply, The W64 Header worked perfectly when exporting to .wav (no compression) (lossless) @ 96,000Hz, 32 bit signed PCM with no chopping! =) [FUTURE REFERENCE]