My 16 biggest annoyances with Audacity (and the solutions)

I’m aware that you can change the color of waveforms, however:

  • Currently there are only four color options and they don’t have color swatches, meaning you have to pick them using trial and error.
  • The purpose of colors is to quickly find the tracks you’re looking for - but in a large document you’re always going to be looking at the track NAMES, so that’s where the color needs to be.
  • Limiting the colors only to the track titles saves the screen becoming full of garish colors
  • Assigning colors is something you currently have to manually do. I’m suggesting that colors are automatically assigned, meaning that easier track identification is built into the program

Well, I guess that’s a matter of opinion. Personally, I cannot stand Apple products and think their mice are the most badly-designed, non-ergonomic mice I’ve ever used.

I would say that this is unlikely to happen. One of the developers has long been interested in a redesign of the Track Control Panel - byt it is a LOT more radical than your suggestion.

One thing we are extremely likely to lose is the Select button. QA fought a long hard battle to eventually get that in the TCP. It;s not true that you can click anywhere. You need to click in the “white space” of the TCP and that will select the track. But with small height tracks the “white space” becomes small. awfully easy to nudge the Pan/Gain sliders instead (don’t ask me how I Know - d’oh). In earlier Audacities the collapse/expand button fitted most of the TCP width leaving the little white square to the right of it as the only safe “white space” target. And that’s why we introduced the Select button.



I didn’t say I preferred or even liked Mac products - I am no Macolyte, I’m PC/Windows through and through - but I do have a Macbook for QA bug testing and I do find it’s magic mouse really nice to use.


I do disagree, I use this feature a lot and really like it.

If you don’t, then just be careful of clicking and dragging in the bar between the two channels of a stereo track as you can then resize those independently :wink:


We’ve long thought about groups and would probably love to do that at some stage. The big problem is that this project is “staffed” by a tiny team of part-time hobbyist volunteers - we just don’t have the required manpower.


Yes, your not the first user to comment on this - and it’s troubled some of us on the Audacity team too. We had some discussions about this in early 2020 and from that I ended up writing a formal proposal in the Audacity Wiki - See: Missing features - Audacity Support

This is another thing we’d love to do, but just don’t have the manpower right now (it’s more likely to come about than Groups, I’m thinking).


OOH, I never knew you could paste into the gray space below all the tracks and thereby get a new tack created - :sunglasses:

I’m minded to agree that it would be better if you could position the paste as it is made - I would have it start at the cursor position. I’ll think about writing an ENH enhancement request in our bugtracker for that. Anybody else here think this would be good to have?


This is a behavior that is deliberately set “on” by default.

You can turn it “off” by going the Tracks Behaviors preferences and un-checking Editing a clip can move other clips.

See: Tracks Behaviors Preferences - Audacity Manual


Make a selection where you want to paste. Audacity uses “selections” for nearly everything.

It’s not actually “pasting into the grey space”.

What it is doing:

  1. You are trying to paste audio from Audacity’s clip board
  2. There is no track selected to paste into
  3. so Audacity creates a track to paste into.

If you use any means to deselect all tracks (for example: “Select menu > None”) and then “paste”, you will see the same behaviour.

Regarding 12&13
Select the to be copied part and then duplicate the track? ctrl-D. It gives a new track with the selected part copied in.

To me it is obvious that a new track comes below everything else.

When a part on a track is selected it could be useful to just see the the border lines on all other tracks, without high lighting the space between as in selected tracks. Another one, use your screen in vertical/portrait orientation (when using many tracks).

The old channel strip analogy at the bottom of the screen is still what works best I think. It can be compact by using knobs. Now knobs don’t work well on a screen with mouse. You could turn them in a vertical slider onhover or onclick. This would than also be the place to load the channels etc. Then a bunch chunky transport buttons.

Screenshot of my practical clunky recorder. No sliders or knobs as it only records or plays.

Thanks for the replies, guys. I wish I had time to reply further but I don’t right now. We all have busy lives! :slight_smile: