MX Skype recorder sound problems

I don’t know how this is happening as other recording software is fine I only went to mx recorder as I was talking to a fellow podcaster about higher quality sound files e.g. .wav
From what I can tell after putting the test file in audacity and looking at the sound levels it’s coming from the receiving end and not me. I have no idea how to fix this could anyone be of any assistance and if I posted in the wrong section please feel free to delete as I couldn’t find a software section to post this in.

test file: note(turn your volume down it might kill your ears and also throw it in audacity if you wanna check the sound files)

like I said any help is appreciated because there doesn’t seem to be much help on an issue like this from what I can see on google.


The obvious distortion isn’t the only problem. The Left (upper) sound channel has world-class DC offset (downward). The blue waves are supposed to be centered around the 0 mark like the lower one.

I know nothing about MX Skype Recorder or your setup. My first pass at recording Skype perfectly on Windows would be Pamela Professional or Pamela Business. Both are paid software and they come with support.

Can you route Skype Recorder into a microphone channel of your soundcard? That’s what it sounds like.

Massive distortion can be caused by plugging a tape player, sound mixer or other high-level sound device into the Mic-In of a soundcard. You may be able to route sound internally (by accident) to get the same effect. See Skype Recorder Instructions.