MX 21 og manglende/ forkerte drivere

Jeg bruger MX 21.3 Linux på en stationær HP m/8gb.
Audacity kan ikke optage uden lyd-støj (deafult i opsætning - andre virker ikke) og drivere v/ALSA kan ikke optage rigtigt.
Jeg har søgt i mit software og prøvet forskellige opdateringer men intet virker.
Hvem kender til de drivere/programmer der skal til ?

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MX 21 and missing / incorrect drivers

I am using MX 21.3 Linux on a desktop HP w / 8gb.
Audacity can not record without sound noise (deafult in setup - others do not work) and drivers v / ALSA can not record properly.
I have searched my software and tried various updates but nothing works.
Who knows the drivers / programs needed?

What version of Audacity are you using?

If it is not the “appimage” version 3.1.3 - available from - could you try that?

To be clear - are you able to record but there is unwanted noise?

Are there any error messages about drivers?