Muti-Track Recording Latency

I’m using a Line 6 Toneport which is hooked up through the USB port of my computer. I use it to record vocals and me playing guitar. Whenever I tried to record a song I can only record one at a time (me playing the guitar). Then I record the vocals over it with a second track layering it. When doing so there always seems to be a bit of latency when I play back the song. Like i’ll record me playing the guitar and then on the second track the vocals are like 2 seconds behind the guitar recording. How can I fix this? I have asio drivers but I don’t know how to configure this. Is there a way that I can record overlapping without any delay. My only other option would to cut and paste the vocals to make it sound rite. Is there another way?

Do you have Hardware or Software Playthrough selected?

Audacity, Preferences, Audio I/O.

Sometimes that can give you undelayed pathways for overdubbing.


The playthrough is selected with: Play other tracks while recording a new one. Should I de-select that option?

I dunno if you guys can understand my first posting so i’m going to try and re-word it. Since my interface unit will only allow me to record one at a time. I have to record my song in two parts. First i’ll play the song with correct timing and record it. After that i’ll change my recording input to my microphone. Playback the song I just played with my guitar and sing along with it while it’s recording the vocals (part 2). When I check the finish version of the recording the vocals are following the timing of the guitar like 1 second and doesn’t sound rite. I’ll have to cut the vocal part of the recording session and paste it in rythem of the guitar. Is there another way where I won’t have to cut and paste the vocals in place?

It’s recording latency, as you’ve guessed.

First off, don’t use ASIO drivers, they won’t work in Audacity for legal reasons (thank you, Steinburg).

There might be a way to adjust the latency using Line6’s driver software, but I don’t know for sure. I have no experience with that hardware.

The only thing I’m certain you can do is use the Time Shift Tool in Audacity to move the vocal track relative to the guitar and line them up yourself. The Time Shift Tool is in the top left corner and looks like two arrows pointing left and right with a line between them.