Muted Vocal Level

Please can someone help with this problem. :cry: I have an ION USB turntable plugged into my PC that is running on Windows XP. On some tracks, the vocals are very faint and is almost drowned out by the music. On other tracks, the reverse happens - the vocals sound normal but the music is very faint. I cannot see on the forum a similar problem.

I have a standard deck connectd to my Hi-Fi system and the LP plays fine on that so I know there is nothing wrong with the LP.

This is driving me nuts!


Maybe it’s not Audacity or your turntable. Download the “Left-Right” clip from here…

…and play it. Put your head right between the speakers and play the test at a clear volume. Does the last clip sound hollow and wacky, or the next to the last?


you could also try connecting your ION to your hifi with the RCA cables supplied. Do you trhen get the L-R problem? If you do then it’s likely to be the cartridge or its downstream wiring - if it’s ok than it’s possible that the ION’s onboard soundcard or its USB services are at fault.


Hi Guys,

Thanks for the tips, will try these but want to try this first. Found a tip in the “Audio Processing” section posted by jimflint1 titled “How to adjust recording channels”. Will let you know how I get on.



You might try that clip, too as a slightly more important step. That will tell you if you wired your speakers backwards and no amount of software is going to help.